A man decides Toilet Paper is the answer.

The answer to what? Everything.

Director's Message

“Toilet Paper started as a text from my brother Keith (the main actor) that said “what if a guy decided to better his life because he couldn’t afford the good toilet paper?” And I like liked this concept, so I wrote out a script that drifted just a little bit from that original intention, but still maintained the absurd premise. This is my second proper live-action short film. These shorts are a way I can expand my creative palette, and not have to answer to a client. In this one, my brother and I also recorded the music, I did the foley and sound design, and our talented friend and frequent collaborator John Anderson Beavers was the DP.”

— Chad Thompson, Director


Director: Chad Thompson
Written by: Chad & Keith Thompson
Cinematographer: John Anderson Beavers
Producer: Michelle Ouellette
1st AC: Adam Rock
2nd AC: Litong Zhen
Assisstant Producer: Victor Lord
Location Sound / DIT: Matt Reznik
Wardrobe: Angie Angerilli
Boom Operator: Chris Tait
Editor / Colorist/ Sound Design / Graphics: Chad Thompson

Soundtrack: Johnny Headband

Main Cast:
Lead Guy – Keith Thompson
Dream Girl – Maggie Meyer
Dog – Buster The Dog
Gas Station Clerk – Jim Roll
Grocery Store Clerk – Gerald Roesser
Dream Boss – PJ Jacokes