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Yeah Haus is a production studio
We’re Yeah Haus, we’ve created everything from captivating commercials to original short films featured in festivals. We’re director driven, meaning you talk directly with our directors (try saying that 5 times fast), and the work we create is hand-crafted with quality and care. We strive to make relevant work that always entertains.
We love variety
We work in a variety of mediums, looking for the best style to tell the story of the project. Whether 2d or 3d animation, hand-drawn, motion graphics, stop motion, live-action or a mix, we’re ready to get our hands dirty to make something new.
Spirit of collaboration
Whether you’re working west coast, east coast or world coast, our Detroit based Director-Duo is perfectly situated to collaborate with clients everywhere using the magical power of the internet™. We’re a production partner that’s at home with working with the world’s leading agencies, bold brands and within the entertainment industry. Lets team up and create some award-winning work!
Yeah Haus is a full service production company.
Animation: 2D, 3d, Cel (Traditional, Hand- Drawn), Stop Motion
Live Action: Pre-Production, Production & Post (Edit, Music & Sound)
Yeah Haus works both in live action and animation arenas with brands to tell engaging stories. From shooting productions to creating animated worlds- we love to create.
Our team of artisans love to tell stories, and experimenting with our own content is our favorite way to to do that. We believe that telling who we are through our films has been a part of what keeps our ideas fresh and creative.
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