Google Ventures
Google Ventures makes a dedicated effort to “improve human health and global quality of life” through life sciences, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and other world changing ideas & technology.

The lovely team at GV came to us with a super cool rebrand and needed a Year In Review video showcasing some of their portfolio companies for their website and their GV Summit. We needed to create an identity piece that took all of GV’s portfolio videos and wide range of image assets and rolled them all together into one cohesive video. One of the challenges of the project was to get an overview of a large number of their portfolio companies quickly, while still being able to process the information. And even though so many of the companies do different things, there needed to be a level of consistency to the GV brand.

Our visual solution took elements of their logo: both the slash and the negative space of the V to create a look and feel that worked to highlight the rebrand. Branded color overlays, splitscreens (visual metaphor), slashes, and movement all worked together to give context and excitement to their diverse portfolio and brand message. Everything needed this treatment, whether transition, type onscreen, quick editorial sequences, logo collage pullbacks, or intros & outros.

We also made a series of transition animations inspired by the GV rebrand for the Speakers of the GV CEO Summit.

Over a fast and furious 5 weeks, we worked closely with their team and crafted a beautiful piece in time for their annual CEO Summit. For the Summit, GV also needed a series of branded transition animations for their Speakers. We’re really proud of the outcome, as well as extremely lucky to get the chance to work with the GV team.

Stills & Additional Concepts

Client: Google Ventures
Executive Producers (GV): Monica Tran & Laura Melahn
Animation/Design: Chad Thompson
Additional Design: Michelle Ouellette
Sound Design: Yeah Haus
Music: Imagine Dragons – Shots (Broiler Remix)

GV 2015 Year in Review