Adult Swim “Pocket Morty” ID
The idea for this Rick and Morty ID was born while repeating the mantra “Getcha Morty, Getcha Morty, Getcha Morty  Morty Morty Morty” after we were asked by our friends at Adult Swim to create an ID for their Pocket Mortys game. We thought, let’s jam it full of every Morty we can in :15 seconds. Adult Swim gave us a lot of stylistic freedom to come up with something fresh and fun, while staying true to the Rick and Morty spirit.
Process & Stills
During the boarding phase, we wanted to loosely keep with the theme of the Pocket Mortys game. We used the idea of Rick collecting different Mortys in increasingly bizarre situations. A haywire montage of Morty’s being flung, grabbed, discovered and collected. Beginning with a Street Fighter-esque battle frame, swirling into a sequence full of fun transitions and edited at a manic pace. Ultimately all Morty’s land in a “Morty Box” — like a pinned down bug collection, which slams shut over the exasperated bunch of Mortys.
Getting the animatic right was key to our concept. We took the boards and added as much into the animatic as we could (roughly due to the timeline) to convey what we needed to the animators. Oh, and fun fact: This is the temp version of our music track, made in about 30 minutes 🙂
More Stuff
Commissioned Illustration
At the end of the gig Adult Swim commissioned this illustration so they could print it out and hang it in their office 🙂 Life achievement unlocked!

Written & Directed: Chad Thompson
Art Director: Michelle Ouellette
Animatic: Mel McCann
Additional Animation: Jose Goyo Moreno, Michael Abarca, Mel McCann
Additional 3d: Edgar Ferrer
Music & Sound: Chad & Keith Thompson (Cool Car Music)