Google Weekends
A festival of food, music and prizes coming out of a giant gumball machine needs some animation, right?

We teamed up with the wizards at Deeplocal to create 8 magical animations for Google’s Wonderful Weekend festival. Our team was thrilled to pop some popcorn, have an elephant throw a beachball to a lemur, pop and drop some hotdogs, and bop some sportballs into some sport things!

Above is a cut of the eight Wonderful Weekends videos edited together and below you can see the animation in action.

Take a look at the individual videos:
Experience it in action:

Thanks to our friends at DeepLocal for the live action video and to Google for the photos above. 

Client: Google
Agency: Deeplocal
Agency EP: Chris Martin
Agency Art Director: Harry Thompson
Production: Yeah Haus
Director: Chad Thompson
EP & Art Director: Michelle Ouellette
Producer: Shayna Blase
2d Team: Zak Teijian, Edgar Ferrer, Arm Sattavorn
Cel Team: Michael Abarca, Jose Moreno, Mel McCann
Additional Storyboard: Mel McCann
Additional Design: Megan Pelto, Emilie Muszczak