When Discord asked to team up on their new Sticker feature, we were thrilled to work with their cute cast of characters. This was a new product for Discord and the stickers we collaborated on needed to be really special. All in all, we created over 250 animated character stickers, each one crafted with a lot of love! We created a cut of (almost!) all the stickers above, and there is a small sampling of the loops below.

Select Loops

Along with the loops, each sticker package needed a banner that represented the characters. Here are a few of our favs:


We worked with Discord’s talented creative team on the development of 10 characters, crafting them to all fit in a fun style that worked best for their users. Discord creative would supply us with inspiration, as well as the background design for their characters, and the Yeah Haus team re-worked those into more animation friendly designs. The R&D process was a lot of fun!

Rough Animation
All 250+ Sticker Pack Stills

Client: Discord
Production: Yeah Haus
Director: Chad Thompson
Art Director: Michelle Ouellette
Additional illustration: Mel McCann

Animation: Michael Abarca, Jose Moreno, Rony Torres,
Melisa Farina, Franco Rampoldi, Mel McCann