Culturelle Pro-Well

Once in a while you get a project that has no boundaries – just a short brief that tells you “create something fun and special”. For these set of Culturelle Probiotic spots we decided a great way to maintain a liquid motif was to use fluid transitions and constantly evolving scenes.

Gifs for Social

Another fun part of this project was creating animated gifs to be distributed in Culturelle’s social feeds. A couch potato pulling off it’s skin and flexing. A sloth party? Yes please!!


Client: Culturelle
Director: Yeah Haus
Art Direction: Michelle Ouellette, Mel McCann
Lead Animation: Mel McCann
Animation: Mel McCann, Jessica Rowden, Hannah Watkins, Jose Moreno, Johanna Oswald, Martina Sic
3D: Oliver Dead, Steve Savalle
Music: Wesley Slover