Self Love

⭐ Official Selection of Sidewalk Film Festival 2023 ⭐

“Animated Brilliantly! ”

Olan RogersCreator of Adult Swim's Final Space

Because… sometimes you want to make a film about the true importance of loving yourself.

Love is a toughie. It can be hard to pin down where to look for it – the right place, the wrong place… yadda yadda, on and on and on. We’re always looking for it one way or another. But if we’ve learned anything in our current boom of introspection: love must first come from within. Right? Within is a strange concept though. How do we love what’s within if we cant see what’s within? Furthermore, how you gonna win if you aint right within? Right? And how do we see what’s within if within is just a word to describe a mental state. Well anyhoo, lets not get lost down that hole of what within actually is. Basically, the adage is: if you can love yourself, maybe, just maybe you can finally receive and give love as well. So long story short – this is a love story about learning to love oneself. And by “oneself” we mean “yourself”… whoever “you” are.



Directors: Chad Thompson & Michelle Ouellette aka Yeah Haus
Art Director: Michelle Ouellette
Inspirational Story by: Chad Thompson
Lead Animators: Jose Moreno and Michael Abaraca
Additional Animation: Watty Watkins, Franco Cifuentes, Aaron King, Edgar Ferrer, Chad Thompson
Music and sound by: Bandeau
Additional sound by: Zach Shipps