Let’s Scribble Together!

Scribble Together is an amazing online whiteboard that allows people to collaborate and share their ideas with each other in real-time. When the team behind Scribble Together asked us to help bring their adorable characters to life, we were ecstatic to collaborate with them!

One of the challenges we faced was how to combine the core functionality of Scribble Together, which is the ability to write equations, music, and diagrams in real-time, with fun and engaging storytelling animations. However, with our team’s super skills in art and animation, we were able to create the perfect balance, resulting in hand-animated characters that can be found on the website headings, social posts, and QR code scanners.

We are so proud to have worked on such an incredible project like this for Scribble Together!


Creative Direction: Yeah Haus & Scribble Together
Brand Studio Direction: May-Li Khoe
Brand Producer: Christina Chung
Brand Design: Jess Wang
Animation Direction: Chad Thompson
Producer, Illustration: Michelle Ouellette
Storyboards: Mel McCann
Animator: Jose Goyo Moreno
Animator: Michael Abarca