Victor is a short film about imagination, solitude and the sometimes blindfolded quest for happiness.
This whimsical journey follows Victor, a peculiar man who has some interesting ideas about how to make friends. With an optimistic plan and a few technological tricks, Victor shows that sometimes all you need is a little help to notice what’s been right in front of you all along.
Director's Message

“Victor is my first short film, and Yeah Haus’ first live action production. We shot it over a couple summer days and did all of the post, FX, music, sound, & color over the following year.

“It’s hard to express how blissful and lucky I felt shooting this — I’m not totally sure why it was such a big deal, as I don’t consider myself someone who abandons idealism easily, but life gets busy. The time and energy it takes to do something with little practical value is easy to dismiss, especially since there are so many energy zapping outlets. And of course with most things that don’t have a clear reason, things become clearer through the process… but I just had no idea it would be as gratifying to go thru each step with friends and family. There are so many stories – Don’t have a dolly? Well then, how about a golf cart with a makeshift pedestal on the back. The neighbor of the house we shot at offered his pontoon to shoot the boat scenes from. 30 friends just showed up on short notice for our dinner scene with their costumes already on. We had never made physical props, but we sat at the table trying to figure out how to make things out of styrofoam and wood. Our locations even – we started with the lake house via Airbnb, and then the owner mentioned he also owned a home and garden business, so we went over there and found so many great spots that jived with the script!

“I could go on and on about these seemingly small serendipitous things that just ended up meaning so much to us. I was unprepared and humbled by just how generous every cast and crew member was… it kinda makes me think it was meant to be, and like Mr Angry, you can’t always see how many people love and support you until it’s right in front of you.”

— Chad Thompson, Director

Screenings & Awards

Directed by Chad Thompson / Executive Producer Michelle Ouellette

Victor: PJ Jacokes
Mr Angry: Keith Thompson
Gnome: Tim Travis
Narrator: Chad Thompson

Producer: Michelle Ouellette
Cinematographer: John Anderson Beavers
1st Asst. Camera: Eric Litwin

Edit/Color/Sound: Chad Thompson
Visual FX + 3D/2D Animation: Chad Thompson
Visual FX Advisor: Eric Litwin
3D Concepting: Marcus Mullins

Storyboards/Props: Michelle Thompson
Props/Set Design: Keith Thompson
Props: Dave Malosh
Set Design: Peggy Kerr

Piano Score: Chad Thompson
“Old Dreams” by Hayden

Vimeo Staff Pick
Film Shortage – Daily Pick
Nobudge – Featured
LA Indie Film Festival
Midwest Independent Film Festival (Chicago)
Mitten Movie Project – Audience Choice Award
Burbank International Film Festival
Sidewalk Film Festival
NYC Festival of the Cinematics – Best Comedy
North Carolina Film Awards – Director’s Award
Montgomery Film Festival
John Hopkins Film Festival
Streetlight Series
Holly Shorts Film Festival
Vaughan Film Festival
Film Brothers Festival of Shorts
The Indie Gathering International Film Festival – Best Cinematography
Capital City Film Festival
Multiverse Film Festival
San Francisco Frozen Film Festival
#TOFF = The Online Film Festival