The Verge: “A Sun Will Always Sing”

We made this short film for The Verge’s Better Worlds series, a collection of science fiction short stories and animated adaptations. Our animation is based on Karin Lowachee’s short story “A Sun Will Always Sing.”

See the original story & the rest of the series here.


Client: Verge
Adapted from “A Sun Will Always Sing” by Karin Lowachee
Screenplay by Laura Hudson
Production: Yeah Haus
Director: Chad Thompson
Art Director & Lead Illustrator: Claudio Araos Marincovic
Additional Design: Felipe Fiori, Michelle Ouellette
Lead Animator: Michael Abarca
Additional Animation: Jose Moreno, Elijah Watkins, Mel McCann, Jess Rowden, Edgar Ferrer, Dahc Nospmoht
Colorists: Omar Romolino, Max Morgan, Guilherme Gurian, Kelsey Gottschlich, Oliver Wee
Compositing + Post: Thad Chompson, Cathy Tompkinse
Production Supervisor: Kaylee Kean
Music: Ambrose Yu
Sound Design: Sono Sanctus
Voice Actors: Gayatri Bahl, Samuel Fleming